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"the thousand sordid images of which your life is cornstituted."


Quoting Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]>:

> Tom Colket quotes: "...apart from a few notorious phrases which have had
> a truly embarrassing success in the world"
> Indeed Eliot had every reason to be embarassed about almost all of those
> phrses. I imagine the damage they did is slowly dying out (having for
> the most part been confined to my 'generation" and the preceding ones,
> with only a scattering of younger critics poisoned. Probably the worst
> (and perhaps most notorious) was the objective correlative, the bizarre
> idea that any delection of objects or events could mechanically evoke a
> specific emotion. At some point in his early life Eliot must have been
> tainted without being quite conscious of the fact with the vulgarities
> of late 19th-century positivism! Just the facts, Maam! Just the formula
> for the emotion.
> Carrol