Dear Folks,
     I'm new to the MO list. I subscribed at this time because I write the seasonal bird summaries for the Arkansas Audubon Society, and was interested in how far north (and west) these birds went. I tried looking through the archives and found that a Royal Tern was seen at Table Rock Lake Sept.6-7. But the processs of going through the archives was tedious, due a great deal of repetition as well as strings of unintelligible symbols(at least to me). So, I was wondering if one or more of you might help me out by summmarizing the Gustav and Ike sightings. In AR almost all sightings were limited to south and central parts of the state;the only sightings in n. AR(as far as I know) were single Royal and  Sooty Terns in Benton Co., both within about 20 miles of your border.
                                                                          Mike Mlodinow,
                                                                          Fayetteville, AR

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