St. Louis birders,
Just a friendly reminder......
That time of year when Urs Geiser wants to update his website with the 
ILLINOIS CBC dates for 2008.
In the St. Louis area he still needs Collinsville, Baldwin Lake, Pere 
Marquette and the Elsah count dates.
Please contact Urs with the info needed at the below e-mail address (change 
"at" to @)

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

 Subject: IBET Christmas Bird Count info (no obs)
From: Urs Geiser <ugeiser AT>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 21:14:30 -0600

In order to promote participation by as many birders as possible, I'm
once again publishing a statewide list of Christmas Bird Counts at the
usual web location,

Thanks to a small number of active contributors already I have the dates
and compiler/contact info for about half of the expected counts in
Illinois (and a few in the immediate vicinity).  If you have additional
information about the remaining counts, updates, or corrections, please
send them my way.  I will post updates as they come in, until the end of
the season.

Thanks very much,

Urs Geiser (ugeiser AT xnet DOT com)
Woodridge (DuPage Co.), IL, USA 

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