At least the ones I know about:

- Columbia Bottom CA. St. L co:
NO Northern Shrike seen by m.ob. as far as I know.

- Riverlands MBS:
2 FRANKLIN'S GULLS - seen by Dave Rogles in the gull roost.
smaller number of ducks, mostly Lesser Scaup and Hooded Mergs

- Carlyle Lake
one 1st cycle GLAUCOUS GULL - FOS. Seen by Dan Kassebaum et al from the 
Hazlet SP side campground.
He has had an October bird but never a November bird at Carlyle.
one LAUGHING GULL - east Boat ramp near beach.

Think everything was hunkered down out of the wind today.

Saw at least two accidents on the way home.
Lots of Police today with a "Seat Belt Checkpoint" right outside Fast 

Gotta' get with Bailey's, um, er, cream should do it.... 
Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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