The Bill Clark Wednesday CACHE trip was to Prairie Home CA in Cooper  
and Moniteau counties (site of the kitten rescue last spring).

On the way home after lunch, 2 imm. Harlan's Hawks were seen on fence  
posts a couple miles apart, north of the town of Prairie Home and  
south of I-70 on MO 87.

At the conservation area, one Carolina Chickadee was carefully  
observed  (3 Black-capped were seen).  This area is beyond the limits  
of Carolina population delineated in Robbins and Easterla.  This is  
not the first late fall/winter observation of the species in this  
area (none have been seen in other seasons).  This species may be  
wandering north (but is still south of the Missouri River) in fall/ 
winter.  Study and reports are needed.

Full report will be on CACHE.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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