Yesterday Myrna Carlton, Donna Chance, Larry Lade and I birded from Cameron to Smithville Lake. We saw many but certainly not all the birds reported by Doug Willis from Smithville. No Pacific Loon or Snow Bunting, but Myrna and I did see 5 very late Tree Swallows flying out over the lake. The four of us had a very enjoyable time and a very nice lunch at the Brick House. Doug is known there by the staff as The Bird Guy.
 This morning I saw two very late for North Mo. Sedge Wrens out across from the golfcourse at the edge of Chillicothe. With some gentle pishing I got one to come in within two feet from me. The LeConte's Sparrows seem to have taken off as I couldn't find any today.
 Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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