Hi all,

Have had some migrants the last few days, so here's my short list:

Hermit Thrush -2
Black-throated Green- 2
Tennessee- 3
Nashville- 2
Orange-crowned-1 for sp. #45 at the stream
Golden-crowned Kinglet-2
Brown Creeper
Hummingbird - assumed juvenile Ruby-throat yesterday.  That's my latest date for one here.

The young hummingbirds have been favoring the salvias (pineapple and black & blue), the asclepias curassavica and the fuschia gartnemeister over the feeders.  All but the hummingbirds were seen at either the bubbler or the stream.  Also heard a Summer Tanager last Wed. before dawn outside my bedroom window.  

Yesterday, the birds were quite active at the bubbler around 5:30 pm as the Barred Owls were calling in the distance.

Margy Terpstra
Kirkwood, St. Louis County, MO
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