Bradford Farm:  1 Le Conte's Sparrow in tall grass near southeast  
corner of the area.  Probably more present, but I didn't search  
further.  Brushpile at north end of central crossroad held several  
Savannah, 1 Song, 1 White-crowned, and 3 Swamp Sparrows.   3 Field  
Sparrows near northwest pond.  More sparrows may have been present,  
but I was ready to move on.

Katy Trail for 1.25 miles west from Providence Landing from 2 to 4  
p.m.:  What a mix!  Not great numbers, but a fun selection.

1 lingering Indigo Bunting was being pushed out of a bush by a gang  
of boisterous White-throated Sparrows

1 Black-throated Green Warbler[ R & E: A few solitary birds are  
regularly seen through the third week of Oct; thereafter, it is only  
casually observed.]

3 Orange-crowned Warblers [R & E: It remains fairly common through  
mid-Oct but is seen only in small numbers (1-3 birds/day) during the  
final two weeks of Oct.]

1 Blue-headed Vireo [R & E:  It is regularly seen through early Oct,  
but it is only casually observed during the last two weeks of Oct.]

Full list will be in SPARKS

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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