Dianne and I took the dog for a walk up the hill from the wetland boardwalk at FGCA, Linn, Livingston Co. this afternoon. This leads to the west part of the boardwalk. We flushed an American Bittern that flew up from next to the boardwalk, squawking as it went. Not much else seen at the marsh, bunch of RW Blackbirds,Swamp Sparrows, and a large Snapping Turtle sunning on a muskrat mound. Saw several White-crowned Sparrows near the East part of the boardwalk. You cannot walk from one end of BW to other as the middle section is still missing due to a fire set by vandals a few years ago. 
There was an American Avocet in the pool North of old RR crossing on the way to area Hdqtrs. Fifteen Long-billed Dowitchers were in that pool also. Saw several Greater Yellow legs in another pool where road goes towards the river. Most of the rest of the area is closed to all except Archery and Waterfowl hunters, or as a Waterfowl refuge from Oct 15 through the Winter. 
This eve we drove on over South of Pershing State Park to check on the Swallows. Saw very few Swallows, so either most have left or they have found another place to roost. Oddly has not been a good Fall for Swallow watching?? Seems strange not to have had a good show this year?
Later, Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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