The dog and I spent some time wandering around out at TRW this a.m. Good number of Dabbling Ducks and bunch of American Coots have come in. Watched a Peregrine hunting three different times. The first time it was doing alot of hovering over the marsh, in fact thought it was a Harrier at first. Then a Harrier came in and swooped on it and they interacted for awhile but didn't look to serious. Later I watched three Crows vigorously attacking a Red-tailed Hawk. Then the Harrier flew over and dove on two of the Crows. One of them retaliated and the two of them went at it for awhile. A little while later I saw the Peregrine flying right towards me. I stopped and watched as it flew directly over head about 15 ft. above me. I was struck by the eerie resemblence to a Stealth Bomber! - or maybe should be the other way around!  Anyway was a very cool experience. Never did see it catch anything. Some of the other birds seen today;
 Greater White-fronted Goose - 9
 Ring-necked Pheasant -3
PB Grebe - a few
Am White Pelican - 100
Am. Bittern - 2
Great Egret - 35
 Great Blue Heron - several
Bald Eagle
 Coopers Hawk
Sora - 2  Got a brief look at another Rail-like bird that seemed smaller than a Sora? Yellow? Couldn't find it again even with Stella's help
 Greater Yellowlegs - 3
Wilson's Snipe - 30 - 24 flushed from one area 1 or 2 at a time  
Marsh Wren - 5
Yellow-rumped Warbler - bunch of them eating Poison Ivy berries
Savannah Sparrow - 20
Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow - 1 different location than before
Song sparrow - not in big numbers yet
 Lincoln's sparrow
 Swamp Sparrow - 63 - not bad for windy day
White-throated Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow 
 Later, Steve Kinder
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