Cypress Circle was teeming with warblers this morning, 8:30-9:30. It was overwhelming: I must have missed seven or eight birds for every one I could ID. The group was mostly Black-throated Green and Yellow-rumped Warblers, but fair numbers of Nasville and Tennessee Warblers, as well as 1 each first fall Northern Parula and Canada Warbler. Also in the area were Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Chipping Sparrows, and a Brown Creeper. All to a soundtrack of a constant loud chewing sound from all directions. The squirrels were certainly getting their recommended daily allowance of cypress nut today.
After an hour of trying to see through feathery leaves, I wore out and headed west to the Gaddy. It was much quieter, but still numerous Golden-crowned and a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets, three yellow Redstarts, six White-throated Sparrows, a Red-eyed Vireo, an Eastern Phoebe, and an Ovenbird. Also, in the bushes behind the bubbler, a brief and incomplete look at a scolding wren with eyestripe and grayish breast. I'd have needed a better look to call it a Bewick's, so I'll not call it anything.
David Scheu
St. Louis, MO
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