While out at Crowley Ridge Yesterday morning, I stopped at the brushy beginning of a wash, and the birds were everywhere. Standing still, I had nearly 50 sparrows, Indigo buntings, Yellowthroats, Cardinals, Towhees and Brown Thrashers popping up to see what I was. I stood still for nearly 10 minutes letting each bird take it's turn hopping up then back down from the open branches of the bushes. There, I counted at least 5 individual Common Yellowthroats, 2 Clay-colored Sparrows, and gave up trying to count the Field Sparrows and fem./Imm. Indigo Buntings. No pishing necessary. I wonder if they were confused / curious by my camoflaged clothing.
At a different location, I caught a brief, weak, wispy "Old . . . .Old. . . . . . Old Sam Pea . . . . Old". I wasn't sure! I waited, listened, waited, then there it was the complete, albeit weak and hushed, song of a White-throated Sparrow (FOS).
I believe the Clay-colored is a county first for me - still need to check my records.
Good birding to all!

Chris Barrigar
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Stoddard County


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