I birded Union Ridge CA yesterday (10/6) in Adair and Sullivan counties 
and enjoyed a nice mix of migrants.  The highlight was one Nelson's 
Sharp-tailed Sparrow at the marsh unit.  There were probably at least 
several, as I flushed several birds that gave me the initial impression 
of a NSTS, and once I finally got one in the binocs my hunch turned out 
to be correct.

Other highlights at the marsh included 2 each of Marsh Wren, Sedge 
Wrens, and Sora.  The Sora were flushed by a deer I spooked while 
walking around, as I couldn't get any rails up. Lots of Swamp Sparrows 
over the whole area. I heard a Pileated Woodpecker from the nearby 
woods while I was wandering around the marsh as well.

Also had 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk and 1 Cooper's Hawk, a pocket of migrants 
that included a Blue-headed Vireo, lots of Eastern Phoebes, lots of 
Yellow-rumped Warblers, an Orange-crowned Warbler, and various other 
passerine migrants. There seemed to be a Lincoln's Sparrow at every 

A great day to be out!  Also, the bridge on highway D in the middle of 
the area is under repair, so if you want to get to the northern and 
central portions of the area, you have to take the Maryland 
Road/Foliage Road detour, which is pretty easy to follow if you have an 
area map.

Phil Wire
Kirksville, Adair Co.
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Phil Wire
Truman State University

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