Dan Kassebaum called with a report of two WHITE-FACED IBIS at the pond in 
front of the headquarters at Two Rivers NWR, Calhoun co.He and Mark Sieffert 
went there after a tip that the birds had been there since Tuesday.
Very difficult to get around up there now because the Winfield Ferry is 
still closed (anyway the closed sign was still posted).

They also had LECONTE'S SPARROWS and SEDGE WRENS near the pools by the 
Cahokia Mounds Visitors Center.

Dan won't be updating his website until about Wednesday or Thursday.
He said that there was not that much at Carlyle due to high water, but Keith 
McMullen did have a late HOODED WARBLER and there are still many Franklin's 
gulls on the Lake. Warbler numbers down but lots of Pewees still around.
Late stuff coming in, Golden-crowned kinglets, Yellow-rumps, etc.

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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