Josh -

As an addition to your list below, when Dency Kahn and I were leaving King's
Lake Unit about noon, along Hi M where the bridge crosses the stream, we saw
a Male Belted Kingfisher and an Eastern Phoebe.  We also saw several Turkey
Vultures and a Red-Tailed Hawk. 

Thanks to you and Joe Eades for leading us on a really enjoyable birding
outing (although very exhausting for us seniors).  The Nelson's Sharp-tailed
Sparrow was a lifer for both of us!!

...Dave Faintich
Olivette, MO

"The truth of the matter is, the birds could very well live without us, but
many - perhaps all - of us would find life incomplete, indeed almost
intolerable without the birds" ~~ Roger Tory Peterson

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Subject: SLAS Yellow Rail Walk Results and Birding After - 10/4

Hello Missouri Birders, 

This morning Bill Rowe and his class joined Joe Eades, Mike Arduser, and I
along with 25 participants for the SLAS Yellow Rail Walk at the BK Leach
CA-King's Lake Unit, and later in the morning also the Bittern Basin Unit
(both Lincoln Co).  We had a great morning, it was absolutely beautiful out,
but we did not score a Yellow Rail (I guess they really are rare).  I was a
little surprised we also did not see any Virginia Rails either.  Did we miss
the peak or is it not here yet?  Any input would be much appreciated.
However,  by 2 PM, when I had to head home, we were at 64 species for the
day and it included some pretty good birds.  All in all, the SORA were in
and in in good numbers, we had a final count of about 40.  A couple of those
birds almost took a few of us out!  Lots of AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERS flying
around the King's Lake unit.  100's if not 1000's of Tree Swallows with a
few Barn and very few Cliff Swallows mixed in.  AMERICAN PIPITS were heard
calling overhead.  Sparrows overall do not really seem to be in in very high
numbers yet.  However, we still managed 2-3 NELSON'S SHARP-TAILED SPARROWS,
Additionally, while walking the fields we saw multiple MARSH WRENS but I did
not see or hear of anyone seeing any Sedge Wrens... And, overall, fewer than
expected SWAMP SPARROWS and SAVANNA SPARROWS.  After the fieldtrip ended, a
few of us were able to add to the day's shorebird species list and bring the
total up to 13 shorebird species total - not too bad for October!
Additionally, Bill Rowe and his group found a PLEGADIS IBIS (Dark Ibis) at
the BK Leach-King's Lake Unit, later determined by Joe Eades and Chris
Corben to be a WHITE-FACED IBIS.  Here are the highlights.   

BK Leach CA - King's Lake Unit (Lincoln Co.):
1 - WHITE FACED IBIS, On west side of Norton Woods Road.  Travel from Hwy M
north on Norton Woods Road and go about 1/2 the distance to the right turn
to Norton Woods Access.  Look for the Great Egrets to the west, the ibis was
in that area.
2 - Northern Harrier
Lots of SORA
96 - AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER (probably more), many commented they had never
seen this species before in such high numbers like this during the fall.  At
the north end of BK Leach - King's Lake Unit (accessed from Elsberry due to
water over road near waterfowl HQ's) 64 were counted in the field by Scott
Schuette.  Additionally another 32 (likely more) were observed at the south
end of BK Leach along Hwy M.  Prior the start of the fieldtrip a
BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER was observed and heard calling as it flew over the
waterfowl HQ's by Joe Eades, Bill Duncan and I.  Also prior the fieldtrip,
Elliot (forgot last name) observed a juvenile SANDERLING along Hwy M.  Later
in the day a few of us observed our first of fall DUNLIN at this same
location.  Back to the north end of BK Leach (again, accessed only from
Elsberry due to high water) after the fieldtrip a group of us observed:  1 -
2-3 SHARP-TAILED SPARROWS were observed in the Foxtail on the west side of
the road that leads to the waterfowl HQ's at the BK Leach-King's Lake Unit. 

BK Leach CA - Bittern Basin Unite (Lincoln Co.)
2 - Northern Harrier
Lots of SORA
~4 Wilson's Snipe (only ones observed for the day)
6-7 LeCONTE'S SPARROWS, observed in Foxtail and millet about 1/2 mile west
of the north parking lot.

Great day and thanks to all those that came and endured the hiking.

Please feel free to add to this if I am missing any highlights - because as
a few of you know, I was certainly not at the top of my game after the
Yellow Rail walk ended!

Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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