This morning I found 7-8 LeConte's Sparrows at the edge of town, across from the Green Hills Golfcourse. Some were in foxtails in the open hayfield and some were near the edge of the lake in tall, coarse weeds. Got within a few feet of some perched birds. I also saw Swamp, Savannah, Lincoln's, and White-throated Sparrows, as well as House, Sedge, and Marsh Wrens, and Common Yellowthroats. At one point with some gentle pishing I watched two SEWR on the same stalk with a LESP two feet behind them. Also saw one Orange-crowned Warbler, and many Goldfinch feeding in the thistles and weeds. This was all with contrasting background sounds of gayly singing Eastern Meadowlarks and noise from nearby construction work on a new housing development.
 Steve Kinder
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