First, two titmouse are back in my yard. I just heard the carolina wren. Two carolina chickadees greeted me first thing this morning.  These are sort of popular yard birds.
   Recently, I bought some seeds for "desirable birds" which included no millet or other seeds seen as "filler" in the product.  Immediately, the mourning doves disappeared. The house and eurasian tree sparrows seemed less populous ( a good thing by some).
   Today , I mixed some of the old blend with this more "discriminating" blend. Why can't I have them all?  The bottom line is I get attached to the regular birds, even if they are not the most "desirable".  Sure, I love seeing the seasonal birds and am looking forward to the dark-eyed juncos and white- throated sparrows (although that high-pitched song wakes me up).  But when I look out my back door, after hearing the female northern cardinal sitting there chipping, I sort of think she is calling me. ( she could sit anywhere along the fence, but early and late in the day, she  as well as the male sit by my back door.  Perhaps that door is associated with the food source. 
   And Charlene noted that the female  and immature ruby-throated hummingbirds may not be the ones I 've seen earlier... well, I wonder. Especially that female.
   We are all creatures of habit and I like the attachment habit...
Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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