Grand River Audubon will be having our annual Big Sit! bird count next Sunday, Oct. 12. Hopefully this will be at our usual location at the East end of the foot trail at Swan Lake NWR, Chariton Co. Mo. The trail starts at the Visitor Center and we will have someone [ Dianne], keeping the building open most of the day. Some of us will be at the Sit site from predawn to probably Dusk. Should be an interesting year as the habitat is quite different this year than usual!  Anyone interested is Welcome to join us for all or any part of the day. We will be cooking Dogs & Brats on the grill again so if you want some please let me know so we will have plenty!
 I checked on the Swallows that stage and roost this time every Fall in the Locust Creek bottoms South of Pershing SP. Found a good place to view them, but only saw a few thousand instead of the tens or hundreds of thousands we usually see? Don't know what is going on with them this year? Will update if things change. Corn and soybean harvest is going full blast right now , so condtions can change quickly.
Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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