We arrived at the Bristol School on Gray Av in Webster Groves at 7:20 PM
and the Swifts were gathering in large numbers, probably more than last
night.  A thunderstorm was approaching from the west and seemed to cause
them to fly more erratically, sometimes clockwise over the school and then
counterclockwise.  Two raptors tried to take a meal from the gathering
swifts, one looked like a small falcon that went right into the flock and
then was chased off by a group of the swifts.  The second raptor looked more
like a Coopers hawk and stayed above the flock of swifts.

  The swifts were all into the south chimney by 7:35 PM.  The entire flock
went into the chimney much faster than last night.


Marv and Karen Staloch

Webster Groves,  St. Louis County


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