Yes I did read Chris Ferrare's post.
My inquiry was of this last weekend.
Nothing aimed at you Jackie and/or the Thursday/Sat. WGNSS group.
You and a few other diehards are usually pretty good about posting about what birds are seen.
And for that I am GREATLY appreciative and thank all of you.
Yes, there has been a major focus on shorebirds now and it is hard to be at several places at once.
And yes the gas has been absorbent causing many if not all birders to make far fewer trips out.
Also it is a VERY busy time of year or some may be like my case......... just can't get out physically.
Was just wondering of all the many birders in the St. Louis area that are on Mobirds/lurking if there were others that have gone out to any of the migrant traps and what did they see if anything this past long weekend.
If you have, just a friendly reminder to let your fellow birders in on your finds.
A gas, money and time saver for ALL  :-) 
Many, many thanks.
Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.
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That was a nice group of warblers reported from Carlyle.  I wonder if the Wood Storks NE of Columbus, Ohio might be blown our way this week, but guess the overflow from Gustav will reach us before it gets there.  I've been checking Tower Grove Park in St Louis several times in quick visits over the last three weeks in between long trips to Clarence Cannon, a couple upriver to Two Rivers, several to Columbia Bottom (Esa's single juvenile Black-necked Stilt still there yesterday morning with some peeps) with a check at RMBS (10 Caspian Terns yesterday).  TGP has had robins, starlings, a singing Carolina Wren, an occasional cardinal, some chimney swifts, a plaintive Wood Peewee heard calling from the Cypress Circle, a Wood Duck pair at the ruins.  In other words, nothing to write MOBIRDS about, though I should have reported my lack of success. 
Chris Ferree posted about a few good warblers from Kennedy Woods the other day.  Perhaps if the forecast for heavy rains on Thursday persist, the Thursday group will decide to give the two parks a visit.  We can usually find shelter quickly in a pavilion or in the cars, then pop out for another look and listen.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County

Charlene and Jim Malone <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Good variety of warblers with Alder flycatcher reported.

Surprised that there have been NO reports from TGP or other migrant traps.
Guess very few are birding anymore......?

Oh well.

Good birding anyway,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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