I birded Riverlands from 8-1:30 or so and totaled about 68 species. This is the earlliest date that I have chased 'warblers in the willows' but when I found a couple of Gray Catbirds along Wise Road I knew migrants were moving through. I wound up with 13 species of warblers and 3 vireos. One bird is an addition to the main area checklist; 2 birds were new for me to the checklist area; and 1 bird was FOY for me.

Absolutely!!! (#): Blue-winged (2); Golden-winged (1-Hatch year male); Am. Redstart (24; all female and HY birds); Magnolia (5); Prothonotary (5); Chestnut-sided (14; all HY or female, some still begging food); Black-and white (3, male and 2 females); Blackburnian (1); Black-throated Green (3); Bay-breasted (1, HY); Wilson's (1); Common Yellowthroat (1).
Highly probable: Tennessee
Maybe: Canada, Blackpoll (blue color on Canada but no full view; longish looking blackpollish bird with proper jizz, but look was brief)
Probably not: Black-throated Blue female (side view with square patch showing; did not see head or undertail, etc. Probably redstart, but my immediate reaction was 'not a redstart'. Included only for FYI of possibilities.)

Vireos: Yellow-throated (addition to checklist), Warbling (3/4), Red-eyed (1).

At one fluddle, hidden in the woods, I had 2 Blue-winged, 1 Black-throated Green, and 1 Wilson's bathing at the same time, attended to by 2 Redstarts and 1 Chestnut-sided.

Most of the Herons/Egrets: Black-crowned Night-Heron (6/7); Green (3), Cattle (1), Little Blue (handful) Great Blue (40?), Great Egret (300+)

3 + flycatchers: Eastern Phoebe (10/15), Great-crested, Eastern Wood-Pewee; 1 UNID empid-likely Willow/Alder. Maybe 1 Olive-sided (big headed bird seen through trees at top but gone before I could get solid ID)

Shorebirds- Sanderling, Red-necked Phalarope, Short-billed Dowitcher (2), Semipalmated, Spotted, Killdeer.
--One Peregrine Falcon over the farm fields along Confluence Road (no access due to flooding). Bird put up several flocks of shorebirds, too far away to identify. Unofficial word is that the Confluence Road may reopen this coming week.

Other birds: Downy (2), Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Gray Catbird (3/4), Brown Thrasher (2), Black-capped Chickadee (5) 120 or so Chimney Swifts. FOY: Black-throated Green; new for me in Riverlands-Prothonotary and YTVI. Last year on the 9th I had 104/5 species in a dawn to dusk day. Had about 90 at 5 in afternoon but many birds came in late.

The secret trail I have been using is now groomed and marked.

Good Birding
Dave Rogles
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St. Charles Co.
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