Arrived at White River Trace a little before 8am this morning, it was cool, wet, clear, and sunny, perfect morning for a plant and bird survey, I was not disappointed. I walked into a small migrating warbler fall-out and picked up ten species of warbler including Canada, Orange Crowned, American Redstart, Prairie, Kentucky and Tennessee. Full report on Cache.

Native Grasses are as healthy as I have ever seen on the trace. Big Blue Stem is seven feet high in some locations as is Indian Grass. All native grasses are thick and healthy as are forbs, berry and nut trees. There will be an abundant food supply for migrating and winter birds this year. 

I have never seen Tick-seed so thick and profuse,  in places it looked like a golden pond surrounded by a sea of grass, Golden Aster and Brown eyed Susan are abundant also. The many variety of Golden Rod are just beginning to get there golden tops, and Persimmon trees are loaded with fruit. This fall should be excellent birding here in the Ozarks.

Mike Doyen
Rolla, MO

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