The two Hudsonian Godwits that we saw at Riverlands around two this afternoon were different sizes.  We decided the smaller one was probably a male because the feather wear was about the same on the two birds.  Had it been a juvenile, it should probably have had brighter more sharply defined back and wing feathers.  They were feeding peacefully when we left to check out Hunters Pond (looked like a corn field from the road).  We also saw three chunky Sanderlings feeding together in the vicinity of the godwits, but they had disappeared when we left..
There may be birds other than warblers to look for tomorrow.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County

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Subject: RED KNOT at Hayford rd.
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Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 4:21 PM

Don't know exactly who saw this bird first but there is (was?) a RED KNOT 
seen at Hayford rd, St. Charles co.
Pool is on the west side of road.

When I was there, a Peregrine (or two?) was really getting birds up 
I saw an all gray bird through the tops of the smartweed on the levee and 
brushed it off as a Willet.....D'OH!!.(Bad birder....also forgot to bring 
the tripod so only had limited sight of pools from the car mount.....double 

Joe came a bit later (~ 20 minutes) after I left and IDed this bird as a RED 
(Also heard the Bill Rudden had this bird before noon...??)

I came back to see the knot but it was not being seen at that time.
Joe and I left but it could still be out there because things are moving 
around and hunkering down in the marsh plants to avoid the Peregrine.

Other birds seen:
Wilson's Phalarope
Black-bellied Plovers
LEAST TERN - Joe found
Black and Caspian Terns
Thousands of shorebirds are still around at Hayford rd. but NOT FOR LONG.
This weekend is TEAL SEASON.
Let the gun play begin!

TWO HUDSONIAN GODWITS were at RMBS at the pool by the dam but got flushed so 
don't know if they will still be there.

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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