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* 01 September 2008
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Peregrine Falcon
Common Moorhen
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American Avocet
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Red-necked Phalarope
Least Tern
Barn Owl

Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler:  Joshua Uffman
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Compiled:  01 September 2008

This is the Monday, September 1, 2008 Missouri Rare
Bird Alert, a statewide service of the Audubon Society
of Missouri, serving the birding community of Missouri
since 1901. The bird alert is compiled from reports
submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout
the state.

** NOTE: The report includes birds that are listed as
rare, casual, or accidental on the August 2007
Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds. Species that
appear in ALL CAPS in the "Species Mentioned" section
are listed as "casual" or "accidental" and thus
require documentation. (Note that some birds may be
considered rare only during a particular season or in
a particular part of the state.) The Missouri
checklist can be accessed at: **


Tom Bormann and Dave Rogles found a PIPING PLOVER
along Hayford Rd. (St. Charles Co.) on Saturday,
August 30.  The bird was still present as of Monday,
September 1.  Hayford Rd. is located on the south side
of Hwy B, and the pool the bird was observed in is on
the right, or west side, of Hayford Rd.  

BLACK-NECKED STILTS continue at Columbia Bottom CA
(St. Louis Co.) since Connie Alwood first reported 2
BLACK-NECKED STILTS on April 25.  Prior this summer’s
flooding, over 30 BLACK-NECKED STILTS were being
observed.  On Sunday, August 24, Les Jenkins observed
three BLACK-NECKED STILTS, while on Saturday, August
30, Esa Jarvi observed one BLACK-NECKED STILT. 
Additionally, a PEREGRINE FALCON was photographed by
Bill Rudden on Friday, August 29.

Clarence Cannon NWR (Pike Co.) continues to produce
some great shorebirding for those willing to travel. 
On Sunday, August 17, a single BLACK-NECKED STILT was
found here, and by Tuesday, August 22, as many as 16
BLACK-NECKED STILTS were observed.  Additionally, a
single MARBLED GODWIT was found here on Sunday, August
17, and last seen on Sunday, August 24.  While on
Friday, August 22, Dave Haenni found a single WILLET,
last seen on Saturday, August 30, by Jackie Chain. 
Lastly for Clarence Cannon NWR, Mike Thelan found a
single RED-NECKED PHALAROPE on Sunday, August 10. 
While two RED-NECKED PHALAROPES were observed on
Saturday, August 23, and Sunday, August 24.  However,
as of Monday, September 1, Dave Rogles reports 4

On Tuesday, August 26, Donald Hays reported a single
WILLET was observed in the pool behind the HQ building
at B.K. Leach CA – King’s Lake Unit.  This bird was
still present on Sunday, August 31.

An AMERICAN AVOCET was found by Charlene Malone in
Illinois territory, just across the Missouri/Illinois
state line, along the road to the dam at Riverlands
M.B.S. (St. Charles Co.) on Tuesday, August 26.


A fly-by ROSEATE SPOONBILL was observed by Chris
Barrigar as he watched over Cypress Lake from the
observation deck on Monday, September 1.  On Thursday,
August 7, Brad Jacobs reported 3 BLACK-BELLIED
WHISTLING-DUCKS were in a pond along the south side of
CR 679 on private property adjacent Otter Slough CA
(Stoddard Co.).  At least 2 BLACK-BELLIED
WHISTLING-DUCKS were still being seen here as of
Saturday, August 23.  This private pond is located on
the southeast corner of the intersection of CR 691 and
CR 679, and can be viewed from CR 679 between the
camping trailer and the Cypress ditch.  Please do not
venture onto this property without first obtaining

Bill Brennan reported on Tuesday, August 26, at least
one BARN OWL is still present at Maintz Wildlife
Preserve (Cape Girardeau Co.), first reported on July
29 fide Chris Barrigar.  Should you venture to see
these birds, please proceed with respect.  They have
been observed entering and leaving the barn on their
own, and with a little time and patience spent
monitoring the barn’s openings first, one should be
able to observe these birds without pressuring them.


Greg Swick and Marvin DeJong found a single LEAST TERN
at the Aldrich arm of Stockton Reservoir (Polk Co.) on
Sunday, August 17, while on Friday, August 29, they
reported 2 LEAST TERNS were seen.

Larry Herbert enjoyed watching an adult MISSISSIPPI
KITE feed a youngster in a large Sycamore at the
corner of 300 S. Florida in Joplin (Jasper Co.) on
Tuesday, August 26.  


Steve Kinder reported that two MARBLED GODWITS were at
the Thompson River Wetlands (Livingston Co.) on
Saturday, August 23.  These birds were observed at the
north end of the main pool.  While later in the week,
Steve reported a PEREGRINE FALCON was also seen at
this location.


Larry Lade and Steve Kinder observed a COMMON MOOREN
on the west side of Squaw Creek NWR (Holt Co.) on
Monday, August 25.

Information regarding membership in the Audubon
Society of Missouri may be obtained from June Newman,
Membership Chair, at 660-542-0873, Joyce Bathke,
Treasurer, at 573-445-5758, or at the Audubon Society
of Missouri webpage:

Joshua Uffman
MO Rare Bird Alert Compiler
St. Louis County, MO
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