Thanks to Charlene for posting the clarification about fall Hudsonian  
Godwits in Illinois.  Bohlen, in Birds of Illinois (1989), calls them  
a rare migrant with fewer fall records than spring records and a  
maximum number of 8, but they have occurred often enough that  
Illinois does not expect documentation.

Here in Missouri, the status remains casual in fall, based on the  
number of actual records.  Until the recent observations this fall,  
Hudsonian Godwits had been seen a grand total of seven times in  
Missouri in fall migration—six single individuals in various years  
and one flock of six (Riverlands, 2007).  Thus, the way things stand,  
these sightings of Hudsonians are really good records; the birds seem  
to be gone now, and they do need to be documented.  Once again, I  
hope the observers will oblige.


Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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