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This morning, Dency Kahn and I spent about 3 hours at RMBS (9:00am-noon).
We saw 29 species, but nothing unusual.  Among those birds seen:

Green Heron (3 - along Wiese Road, On top of the lock from the IL side, and
in the slough on the IL side acroos from the dam)

Snowy Egret - 2 in Heron Pond

Lesser Yellowlegs (1 in a large puddle where Weise Rd and Red School Road

Am Kestrel (Red School Road)

25 ETSs (Red School Road)

Eastern Phoebe (2 - one along Red School Road and one near the dam on the IL

Forster's Tern - 1 at Lincoln Shield

Caspian Tern (about 10 at Lincoln Shield)

Many Swallows (Barn, Cliff, N. Rough-winged, Tree)

Belted Kingfisher (slough acrros the road from dam on IL side)

...Dave Faintich
Olivette, MO

"The truth of the matter is, the birds could very well live without us, but
many - perhaps all - of us would find life incomplete, indeed almost
intolerable without the birds" ~~ Roger Tory Peterson

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