This is what I found out about HUDSONIAN GODWIT'S (HUGO) status
in IL from Dan Kassebaum, ex- IORC committee member (only off the comm. 
because his term ended)

"These birds are annual in IL in both season with multiple reports in any
given year. It has been established that this species is part of the IL
avifauna.. "

Therefore, on the checklist it is classified as being "Regular"
Regular = Species for which there are records in at least eight of the past 
ten years.

Please note: Mark Seiffert also had three Hudsonian Godwits on 9/3/08 at
Carlyle Lake.
Other records of HUGOs at Carlyle Lake including Mark's recent sighting.

Even more info can be found in David H. Bohlen's book "Birds of Illinois"
(availability unknown)

End of PSA ;-)

IMHO, this shorebird can be missed easily because:
- HUGOs seem to drop in and leave quickly or are fly-bys in the east (RMBS 
birds were an exception)
- Habitat is often scarce in the St. L area to be able to keep birds for 
- Not many birders are willing to bird the fronts/weather systems that would 
bring such large birds down OR bird at dawn and dusk when those coming/going 
shorebirds would most likely be seen.

Hope the above info was clarified the issue in the difference between the 
states on Hudsonian Godwits (and other birds as well)

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

P.S. I smell Jaegers in the air at Carlyle ;-)
P.S.S. Castlewood SP was setting up for some big race this weekend.

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