It's been pretty quiet here. Pretty much the same population of birds, critters. 
A follow-up on the squirrel-proof feeders: They still work, sort of. The squirrels will hang upside down, the grate falls down over the feed openings, but they manage to bend them some to scrap seeds out. Then the birds come and eat  from the ground. The squirrels then have to climb down and eat from the ground.  So, it's a work in progress. I have to say those  squirrels are very clever.
    I have been asked if I hear the song sparrow (that comes here) sing and I have not.  But, today, as I was washing windows outside, I heard an unusual song (to me), looked up and it was a juvenile song sparrow, singing sort of a partial song. 
    There has been some habitat disturbance (scorched earth?) next door, in the name of tidiness. The birds seem a bit jumpy.   But the eurasian tree sparrows are very prolific. I thought that all the young, dependent ones had emancipated, but this week I saw yet another ETS young one with mouth open and wings flapping.  Fortunately, around here, people like this sparrow, unlike all the house sparrows that also hang around. 
    A female ruby-throated hummingbird continues at the feeder with several juveniles (I think males).   No shyness with them, they fly all around me. 
    Also, sort of funny, I got an appeal to renew my membership to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  Guess what bird is on the front !!! A lovely spotted towhee.  Now how can I resist?    
Good birding is coming.
Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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