Jane Allen drove her pickup truck up to Hayford Rd this afternoon and invited me to join her.  The pool/pond was up too high for peeps after three inches of rain yesterday; but we did see several Lesser Yellowlegs in crisply patterned new feathers and two Greaters with some Killdeer between Hayford and the low parallel dike or levee.  We scanned from Hayford at the northeast corner across the levee road and saw a few Blue-winged Teal come in for a landing in the distance and a couple of dark ducks sitting on one of the dikes.  Otherwise, plenty of Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons but no obvious large shorebirds such as the Red Knot or Willet.  Three medium terns either Forsters or Common flew overhead before disappearing.  Swallows were feeding noisily over the water.  We could hear hammers pounding to get the blinds ready for teal season and a worker was mowing the side of the duck club road behind us.   
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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