Lost (and found) in Translation

40th Anniversary Convention, Northeast Modern Language Association  
(NeMLA) Feb. 26-March 1, 2009 Hyatt Regency - Boston, Massachusetts

As translation studies and translation theory has emerged as a  
discipline, scholars such as Gideon Toury, Lawrence Venuti, André  
Lefevere, Itamar Even- Zohar, Susan Bassnett, Edwin Gentzler and Maria  
Tymoczko have challenged our assumptions about translation and  
deepened our understanding of the process. Translation is not merely a  
mechanical rendering of linguistic meaning, but a complex and dynamic  
process involving the transmission of linguistic, literary and  
cultural meaning. Translation theorists and practitioners have  
offered  many metaphors for translation:  rewriting, violence, close  
reading, cannibalism, adaptation or manipulation of a text. They have  
encouraged us to view the translator as a dynamic force, as a creative  
influence, as an author, as one who intervenes.

This panel seeks to explore issues of translation in a German studies  
context, whether it be the Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann and Franz Kafka  
that are regularly read in college English classes, issues of  
translating medieval texts into modern German, or the dozens of 19th  
century translations of James Fenimore Cooper into German that  
inspired a generation of authors such as Charles Seaslfield, Friedrich  
Gerstäcker and Karl May.

This panel hopes to explore diverse aspects of translation studies,  
including but not limited to translation as a means of transmitting  
cultural information, the strategies of domestication and  
foreignization, studies in reception, reputation and survival,  
translation in the two Germanies, the politics and ideology behind  
translation and translation choices, ethics and translation, and the  
intersections between translation and race, class and/or gender. In  
exploring these and other issues of translation, it will be shown  
that, while much is lost in translation, much can be found as well.

Papers are welcome regarding translation either into or out of German  
or a closely related language in any time period. Please send one-page  
abstracts to Maureen Gallagher, University of Massachusetts Amherst, [log in to unmask] 

The submission deadline is September 15, 2008.

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