Call for Papers for Seminar at the American Comparative Literature
Association's "Global Languages, Global Cultures" Conference on March 26-29,
2009 in Cambridge, MA.

* Seminar Title: Latin American Modernismo: Negotiating the Foreign and the
Local, the Aesthetic and the Social

* Seminar Organizer: Kelly Comfort, Georgia Institute of Technology

* Seminar Description: Latin American modernismo has long been characterized as
a literary movement that borrows from and imitates foreign, especially French,
models and that produces escapist works that privilege the purely aesthetic
over the socially engaged. Recent studies by González, Kirkpatrick, Jrade,
Aching, Pineda Franco, and others, however, question both of these descriptions
by pointing out the importance of local concerns and social critique in
modernista texts.

The “Latin American Modernismo: Negotiating the Foreign and the Local, the
Aesthetic and the Social” seminar will assemble comparative papers that
critically reflect on the relationship between the dominant features and aims
of Latin American modernismo and the aestheticist, symbolist, Parnassian, Pre-
Raphaelite, or Generation of ‘98 movements in Europe. The seminar organizer is
particularly interested in transatlantic studies that explore points of
commonality and dissonance in the works of Latin American modernistas (Martá ,
Gutiérrez Nájera, Darío, Silva, Casal, Nervo, Lugones, Herrera y Reissig,
Freyre, Rodá, etc.) vis-à -vis their overseas European contemporaries (Gautier,
Baudelaire, Huysmans, Mallarmé, Pater, Wilde, Rossetti, Nietzsche, D’Annunzio,
Valle Inclán, etc.). Panelists should consider whether Latin America’s
peripheral status, uneven development, and delayed or stunted modernization has
led to preferences for the foreign over the local, the aesthetic over the
social or whether the Latin American context leads to an augmented concern with
the local, the national, the political, the economic, or,
simply put, with the social function of art and the artist among modernista

Papers may be presented in English or Spanish.


If you have questions, feel free to contact the seminar organizer at
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Kelly Comfort
Assistant Professor of Spanish
School of Modern Languages
Georgia Institute of Technology
613 Cherry Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0375
Phone: 404-385-0198
Fax:   404-894-0955
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