Went down to see if I could locate the BB whistling ducks this morning. Arrived about 8:30 A.M.  I didn't go through the main refuge, but cut west on the county road just south of Dudley and came in from the north toward the "usual place."   Planning to stop and climb the levee, I had barely passed the RV trailer when a duck passed right in front of my car, protesting loudly my presence.  It went right in front of the car - I could see every detail, down to its eye ring and of course the big white wing stripes, black belly, and light head. It was making such a racket, it startled me! 
That BBWD crossed the road to the north and landed on the private property over there.  There are quite a few pools and high grasses, so it could be difficult to see over there.  I climbed the dike and located the other BBWD in the "usual place."  It was standing on the bank barely out of the water, to the left of me.  Easy to see its markings and bright orange-red bill.  It was fairly close to the dike, well on the road side away from the cypress trees.
Also saw at Otter Slough:
Bell's Vireos - 2
Blue Grosbeaks - 2 (singing)
Yellow warblers - 2
Black-necked stilts - 8
Little Blue Herons - 8+
Double-crested cormorants - 4 in lake at south end of Frog Pond Road
Drove thru Mingo to try for black vulture, et al.  At Mingo saw
Sedge wrens - singing in big field south side of Flat Banks Road
Black vulture - in tree at Rockhouse Marsh
Mississippi kite (imm) in next tree over from black vulture!
Has anyone seen or heard the Henslow's sparrows that have also been in the Flat Banks field for a number of years?  I've not heard them this year.
Happy birding,
Judy Bergmann
Rural Wayne County

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