Today after work at around 4:45 pm, I drove to the westside of Otter Slough to the private land/lake where I was pleasantly surprised to see and meet other birders from far off. It was the Anderson's from Columbia! The were watching the pair of BBWD's as I approached.
The two ducks were off a ways on the western tip of the nearest island in the lake. Kathleen mentioned seeing a Dowitcher just to the East of the lake. We looked that over as well. The beak was very long, the bird was very well colored in the dark red with no barring on its sides. I played both dowitchers songs from the iPod, and the bird responded when the Long-billed Dowitcher calls played. I feel confident that this was a LBDO. Thanks Kathleen for pointing it out to me - my first fall LBDO.
As I prepared to leave, I glanced back at the area closest to the driveway where the BBWD have been seen the most (horizontal log against 3 standing young cypress trees, and they were there. Kathleen had been wanting to take a photo (or two), and I think she got her chance.
The ducks look very comfortable at this private location. It will be fun to see how long they stick around. Also present at the private lake were several juv. Little Blue Herons, 1 Snowy Egret, Great Egrets, GB Herons, at least 1 Least Sandpiper and a possible Semi-Palmated Sandpiper.
Should you decide to make a run for these, look at the west side of the Otter Slough Conservation Area map. The private lake is located on the southeast corner of the intersections of CR's 691 & 679. The lake between the Camper Trailer and Cypress Ditch.
Good Birding!

Chris Barrigar
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