Wow, after three evenings of birdwatching in backyard, tonight I was treated with four different ruby-throated hummingbirds: the female I had seen most frequently, an immature male with several red splotches on throat, a brilliant male in full "bloom", and another one with sort of a grayish throat.  I feel greatly rewarded for my efforts.  I am a "hyper type", rarely staying in one spot very long, but tonight it was worth it, plus the few mosquito bites. 
   Additionally, the cardinals, the song sparrow came in same sequence. Last night and tonight a chickadee, probably carolina, came frequently. 
   Others seen today were juveniles: grackles, robin, house and eurasian sparrows- that I had not seen before.. the sparrows fledglings come in waves.. so can tell a new "wave".   I never saw so many open mouths.
    Sadly, no pics of hummingbirds.. but another visual memory.
Jane Allen,
St. Louis County
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