Quick post.

Trip up Hwy 79 to look for habitat and shorebirds.
LOTS of habitat to look through
(Look at your MO De Lorme for locations)

St. Charles co:
- Dalbow Road (where Peraque Creek Rd and Firma Rd meet)
Look North of RR Tracks and on to Hwy 79
Mostly Pects and Killdeer but did have two Solitarys closer to Hwy 79
- Eagles had a another nest just 200 yards or so N of where the storm 
damaged original was on Peraque Creek Rd.
No activity at it, so don't know if they fledged a new batch or not. Road 
was flooded so could not check.

Lincoln co.
- Keeteman Rd/Old Monroe sod farm - JACKPOT.
Little grass but nice flooded fields here. The side road is flooded too.
Good number of shorebirds, not great variety but Jim Malone spotted the 
Pects, Killdeer, Semi-sands and plovers, Least, Lesser Yellowlegs
- Follow Keeteman around from the sod farms to Tom Bormann Field:
Decent number of shorebirds here, mostly Pects and yellowlegs
BTW, Road is flooded in one section but we got through it OK in the van, 
maybe not a low lying vehicle.

Old Hwy 79 to Hwy M - outside of Foley
- Again high numbers of shorebirds but not much variety that we could tell.

BK Leach CA King's Lake I assume is closed because Hwy M is flooded (big 

Went down Norton Woods Road - before entering Elsberry
It was also flooded a few miles down the road, but held lots of habitat, 
mostly too deep for shorebirds but had Caspian terns and pelicans all about. 
Edges had some shorebirds.

There's more detail and maybe Dave Rogles can fill in the gaps.
Too tired and hands not working.
Neither are the lungs........please fall be here.

NO hip waders needed (but maybe wellies would be good for Keeteman Rd Sod 
Money was spent in Winfield, Old Monroe and Elsberry.

Gotta' go.
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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