American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Annual Meeting
March 26-29, Richmond, Virginia

Panel:  Anacreon, His Imitators, Their Delights

Anacreontic poetry, long regarded by many scholars as insubstantial and
derivative art, represents one of the most fertile areas calling for
re-examination in eighteenth-century studies. The Anacreontic tradition
challenges aesthetic norms privileging transcendence over immanence,
intellect over bodily pleasure, originality over formal virtuosity. And yet,
the meanings that one ascribes to this poetry—as formal art, as performance
practice, as escapism from bourgeois banality, as classicism or as a
celebration of bodily and linguistic delight amidst a repressive sexual
culture—remain an open question. This panel proposes to examine Anacreontic
poetry from new scholarly perspectives—both historical and formal—in order
to pose anew the task of evaluating this poetic idiom.

Possible topics include:
--Pleasure through the body and the delights of poetry
--Superficiality, self-reflexivity, irony
--Is Anacreontic art escapist and/or socially productive?
--Presence of violence, death, and trauma
--Anacreontic poetry and class identities
--Anacreon and urban centers
--Anacreontic poetry and Classicism
--Relation between Anacreontic poetry and rococo style

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