Hi Fellow Birders --

Scissor-tailed Flycatchers - This Morning!!!

I managed to locate the apartment complex, (off Fiese Road)
construction trailer (green corrugated - "LS Plumbing") and
group of trees about 11:00 this morning. I walked around the area
staying a reasonable distance away from the clump of trees,
so as not to scare "anybody".

After 30 minutes, or so, sweltering in the heat and humidity, I went
back to the car, feeling depressed at only seeing some Mockingbirds,
Sparrows and a couple of male Amer. Gold finches.

As I was about to drive away, I took one last look at the power lines
and was quite shocked, amazed, awed, etc., to see an adult (?) STFC
sitting on the power line. He/She was soon joined by one of the juvies,
who just sat there with his/her beak open.

The adult started swooping over the field, collecting an early lunch
for Junior. I only saw these two, but did manage to shoot about 30

I have just sent five photos to the ASM group's Gallery (under my 
name) and when Al gets them posted they will probably end up on Page 3
of my gallery.

I have several "In Flight" photos, a couple of which show
the bright, "orangey" red on the body, under the wings.

BTW - That's a "Lifer" for me, too!!!  <G>

John Hitzeman
Troy, MO

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