The young sparrows, especially those cute eurasian tree sparrows have begun feeding on their own.  They are fighting at the feeders and wandering on the patio, grass, furniture . looking for what they need.  They splash in the puddles of water on the patio.  And there was one very small, young song sparrow.  
    It has been interesting also to see how the young of other species develop.  The young cowbirds ( I know... ... ) have sort of a dark mask around the eyes before the other colors develop. On the adult males, you can see that darkness around the eyes.  I had always just said to myself,  "brown head"  without looking closely.    The young brown thrasher is  a bit shorter  in length and round of head with a blunter beak.  Reminds me of the young northern mockingbird with the round head .
   I've added a few more pics , especially one of a "defeated" squirrel at the feeder at
   I 'm looking forward to birding outside the yard again sometime......
 Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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