The roads in Columbia Bottom are now partially open-you can drive the asphalt all the way to the boat launch and you can park at the gate where the gravel loop begins (1/4 mile m/l from entrance).  
I walked the gravel road back past the maintenance shed and then went back to the main road and walked down towards pool 2.  You will need to cross water about calf high to continue on in both areas.  

I found 12 Lesser Yellowlegs, 100 m/l Killdeer, 103 Cattle Egret, 70 or so Little Blue Heron and about the same for Snowy Egret.  I did not track the Great Egrets as accurately but I estimate about 175.  21 Black-necked Stilts.

I went over to Riverlands and found 3 Ruddy Ducks (2 males) in Dragonfly Marsh along with 1 Moorhen, 1 Coot.  Many Pied-billed Grebes, several Blue-winged Teal in Heron Pond.  A Spotted Sandpiper along the road to the dam (still closed).  Connie Alwood reported a Least Bittern in Heron Pond earlier in the day.

Highway B and C are still closed in St. Charles County, though it looks like local traffic is going through.  

Columbia Bottom has the best shorebird habitat I have seen anywhere this year, but I bet 79 corridor will be terrific in a week or two.

Good Birding
Dave Rogles
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St. Charles Co.

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