I did an nice drive around the Dunn Ranch - Pawnee Praire area of NW Harrison County Saturday morning while up there visiting family. Took a couple short walks out in the grasses too but found ticks to be very abundant there!  I did not see anything really rare or unsual for up there, but sure enjoyed what I did find! Despite all the rain, found at least some of the groundnesters have been successful, with many young birds seen. I am concerned though about all the mowing and haying be done on Dunn Ranch this early in the summer!
We had to brake for a very small little Upland Sandpiper on hwy 46 when we went up Friday evening. Some of the other things I saw;
Nine young RN Pheasants that dropped down from a small tree to feed with their mother
A Sedge Wren carrying food, more SEWR heard several other places
 Northern Mockingbird carrying food, some others seen/heard around the area - seems like more around in North Mo. this year
Group of 4 young Loggerhead Shrikes,  other LHSH seen several places
A hen Greater Praire Chicken with at least 15 young ones!  Hard to count those little fluff balls when they are running around!
 Watched a male Northern Bobwhite call from a few yards away.
 Saw an adult Upland Sandpiper chase a Mourning Dove away. This was on Rd 160 St. West - this is the dirt road that goes through the middle of Dunn Ranch. This is good road to see many of the species at Dunn. There was a ridiculous number of Brown Thrashers there yesterday, plus Henslow's, Grasshopper, Field and Song Sparrows, Bell's Vireo, Bobolinks, etc. Since they fixed the bridge that had been out for many years can now drive all the way through on it - if it is dry - is strickly a dry weather road! { from personel experience}  
 At another place at Dunn  close together on one section of barb wire fence was a Dickcissel,  a male Bobolink with a juvenile, a Western Meadowlark with two BH Cowbirds - watched it feeding one,  a couple posts down was a Grasshopper Sparrow, a juvenile Cliff Swallow that I had got very close to was a little farther down. A Henslow's Sparrow was singing to the right and Turkey Vultures casting shadows soaring overhead. I felt very lucky to be able to be there to enjoy it all.
Saw a few Great-tailed Grackles at the cattail pond on east side of hwy D.
near the parking lot at Pawnee Praire CA saw a group of seven male Bobolinks out in the blooming Pale Purple Coneflowers. There were some other praire plants also in bloom, and lots of Blazing Star that will be a little later. Several nice bunches of Butterfly Milkweed blloming across the road from the parking lot, with more scattered along the area roadsides. One of my favorite plants. More Sedge Wrens here too. 
 Closer to home - 20+ Great Egrets continue at Thompson River Wetand, and today spooked a Least Bittern while driving through. It flew up into a Willow Tree. Think that is first time I've seen that!  First LEBI I have seen at TRW for about three years I think. Marsh vegetation recovering pretty good now- hope no more flooding for awhile.
Have noticed many Red-headed Woodpeckers flying around the area. Don't know if they are feeding young or what, but have certainly become more visible lately.
Later, Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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