Well, I have had at least 2 females and one male all spring and summer so
far. Maybe more now..??
The battles are starting to really heat up so put up another feeder.
But then read/remembered from Lanny Chamber's website to count the number of
hummingbirds seen at one time and multiple by 4.
So I have 12 birds..?? I guess not bad for a very suburban neighborhood with 
not many
flowering plants. Of course, nothing like the country hummingbird feeders. 
(YES, I am jealous ;-)

Neighbors have 2 feeders and said they have not seen a single bird at their
feeders but don't think they change the sugar water at all.
There are a lot of feeders along the block but don't think they change the
sugar water either. (Almost all with big feeders with red colored sugar 

OR......maybe it's all the pink fluorescent surveyor tape festooning the
house. ;-)

Saw in a couple of listserve posts, one from Kansas already has had 

But then, Lanny Chambers did not see any at a recent banding session at 
Onondaga Cave:
See his website for more banding demos info:

More H'bird news outside of MO:
Green Violet-ear in Michigan. Their third one!

Fly-by through MO on the way?

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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