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I birded all over southeast Missouri today (June 29) from 5:30AM to 3:30PM.  Ended the day with 81 species; however that included a few unexpected shorebirds...  Are they already southbound? Or, possibly some are southbound and some are stragglers?  Also of note was that I did NOT observe a single Least Tern.  Here are the highlights of today’s trip:


Ten Mile Pond CA (Mississippi Co.):

1 – BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER (non-breeding adult)



1 – White-winged Dove at the usual spot in East Prairie


Donaldson Point CA (New Madrid Co.):

1 – Swainson’s Warbler (Sorry Chris B.).  I had just about given up on trying to hear this bird and was getting back into my truck when it began to sing not 15 feet from me.  It took me forever to find it, then I scared it off its perch.  However, it came right back and began to sing away again.  Same cane stand as past years.  I was even able to get a few pics of it which I might post later.

-This was also the location of the only Mississippi Kites and Fish Crows on the day’s list.


Caruthersville Catfish Ponds (exit 4 along I-155 in Pemiscot Co.):

4- Blue-winged Teal

Many – Black-necked Stilts (of all ages)

1 – AMERICAN AVOCET (in full alternate plumage)


I observed all these from the service road that runs along the front two ponds.  When I first pulled up I spooked the ducks.  The majority were Mallards (of which many came back).  One of them had a white tail band and dark wings in flight, but it was in bright light, landed quickly and never returned with the others.  I got my binocs on it just as it landed in one of the ponds further back.  It may have been the Fulvous-whistling Duck.  However, I can not say I am certain it was, but I would bet it is still there.


Rice Fields near Dexter – along CR 759 up to Hwy’s CC and HH (Stoddard Co.):

Many, many, many – Black-necked Stilts



Otter Slough CA (Stoddard Co.):

1 – fem. type NORTHERN HARRIER

1 – male SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER (same place Chris B. reported it to be – same place as last year)

1 – male RING-NECKED DUCK (same place Chris B. found it last weekend)


I took lots of picture in case any of these shorebirds require documentation (I have not dug into that yet).  Oh, and the 7th shorebird species – Killdeer…


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Joshua Uffman

St. Louis County

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