Unfortunately, I struck out for my target birds - Swainson's Warbler at Donaldson Point CA and Fulvous Whistling Duck at Caruthersville catfish ponds (no one there to ask permission).
So after stopping in at Lowe's in Sikeston, I decided to swing by the "Dexter Rice Fields" on Hwy's CC and HH. Hwy CC yielded much the same as previous trips - the regulars, but on HH about 1.5 miles East of Hwy 153 in a draining rice field North of HH was a Northern Pintail which made me get out of the truck to look things over a little closer.
After about 20 -30 minutes scanning over about 400 - 600 yards of rice fields with little to no water, I was seeing about 38 Black-necked Stilts, 2 Cattle Egrets, a PEEP with light breast and black bill (smaller than nearby Killdeer), and at least 8 LESSER YELLOWLEGS.
The farmer drove up to inspect his plastic irrigation tubing which someone had run over incidently ripping it. He and I spoke a spell and he allowed me access to the fields via the levee road.
From this new vantage point, I was able to look straight down the semi-flooded fields that held the LEYE. This time a 180 degree scan of it and surrounding fields revealed that at least 32 LESSER YELLOWLEGS were present. However, I could not relocate the peep seen earlier. My initial feeling was that it was a Semipalmated Sandpiper, but I did not see it's leg color or rump and won't go on record as observing a SESA.
Good Birding to all!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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