I have observed a female northern cardinal at the new squirrel-proof feeder, so I guess it has adapted. Perhaps the male will follow?   I also observed a brown-headed cowbird at the feeder.  I have posted pics of young eurasian tree sparrows as well as the female cardinal at www.mobirds.smugmug.com  . I also observed a young brown thrasher (?).  It looks like a brown thrasher, with wing bars, typical coloring and streaked breast: but the bill is not yet curved. I did not post this pic as it is not in good focus and did not want that in my gallery (I know, some of my pics are not in perfect focus as many of yard birds are taken through the window).   I haven't seen the thrashers since the winter. 
     If pics not yet in gallery, can be seen in the upload gallery. 
Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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