After my last post, I was dressing for work, and it came to me that maybe in my correction, I had used "electric" instead of "electricity".  I grew up in the rural South (which is pretty much like lots of lovely rural areas) and many times word usages are idiosyncratic , like "electric" being used as a noun.  When I write on mobirds, I am thankful for spell check , not because I am a poor speller, but my fingers are not nimble on the keyboard.  Also, I am concerned that the language of my childhood will creep into the message.  Anyhow, before even checking that last post, I opened the dictionary to "electric" which is most commonly used as an adjective.  There are a few archaic and idiosyncratic uses as a noun. Then I checked the last post and I had the correct form.
    One would think that I would mostly be concerned that my observations and labeling of birds would be correct.  I am working on that. 
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