This week, Ameren UE (electric co. here) has been on my street trimming all foliage that is within 5 feet of the power lines.. My neighbor's yard has (had?) three tall cedar trees which are a haven for the birds, especially in winter.. They have been topped severely. In my yard, a tall Japanese Pine was severely trimmed on one side.. The process greatly disturbed the birds, and , I expect, disturbed some nests.  The cardinal pair seem okay.  The smaller sparrows are now very sensitive. 
   Of course, after having no electricity for two weeks, 2 years ago, in severe heat; I applaud the service provided by the electric company.. It is a case of competing interests. 
   Additionally, I substituted my regular feeders with two new "squirrel proof" feeders. It's the type where if a weighty creature lands on the perches, an apparatus drops and covers the feeding holes.. and at this point, no creatures are at these feeders.  I am adjusting the spring for this apparatus to allow for variety of birds sizes.   Anyhow,  there is a lot of change going on.   My goal is to reduce the "rodent" population. 
   I tried briefly last week to cut back and hopefully take a "feeding " vacation , but found that I missed watching the birds.. It is , I guess, a lot about me..
Jane Allen
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