Checked out Columbia Bottoms this morning. Found one Black-necked Stilt in Pool 1, which is off the back gravel road down near the river end of the road, and, later, found 2 more in Pool 8. Also found one Common Moorhen, one Black-crowned Night Heron, one Pied-billed Grebe (obviously I'm only half the man Noah was), six Blue-wing Teal, 7 Mallards, 3 Snowy Egrets dozens of Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons.  All the birds were found in the pools along the gravel road that runs alongside the waterfowl refuge.
The creek that runs underneath Riverview Boulevard about two miles north of 270 is so high that I would not be surprised if floods the road when the river crests next Friday.
Found a Western Kingbird perched on the cyclone fence in front of the electric substation on the west side of  Illinois Route 3 just north of Venice. I'm not sure if anyone has seen Kingbirds there this year, but WEKI have been there in past years.
Jack Cowan
South St. Louis
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