I was at a training conference in St. Louis County this week. On Thursday evening my fellow trainers and I went to Westport (Just off of I-270) for dinner. . It was very crowded - there was a big festival full of young folks drinking beer and listening to music. We decided to take an after dinner walk around the lake behind the hotel which looks like a Swiss Chalet to try and get away from the youthful activities - but the lake walk was crowded as well. Imagine my surprise when I saw a Black-crowned night heron calmly shadowing a flotilla of ducks and ducklings looking for handouts from the party goers walking along the shore. The heron stayed back from the people, but he seemed to be relatively fearless for a heron. He approached people within 20 feet as he walked along the shoreline. He was a beautiful bird.
Mark Gutchen
Columbia, MO
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