Today, Mark McKellar and I did a bird survey at Wah Kon Tah Prairie, near El Dorado Springs. We had a male Painted Bunting fly up from the road and then sing in the top of a small tree next to the road. The bird was on CRD 501, which is the first road east of the headquarters building. He was just past a house on the east side of the road with multiple gray sheds/barns on the property. We did not see any of the transplanted Prairie Chickens, but there were also Loggerhead Shrikes and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers just down the road from the headquarters. Unfortunately, the  Painted Bunting was not at one of our points and was only a footnote to the count, but he was a State bird for both Mark and myself.

Directions to Wah Kon Tah can be found at

Happy birding, Ruth Simmons Lee's Summit, Jackson Co., MO [log in to unmask] "A nation behaves well if the natural resources and assets which one generation turns over to the next are increased and not impaired in value."  (Theodore Roosevelt)

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