Sunday evening June15.  N. St. Louis county.
While scoping Black-necked stilts that hang in the back 40*, 
 I came across this tight group of 3 Fulvous Whistling-Ducks:
Heads tucked their long necks were not apparent:
They began to stir and their characters became more recognizable:
Kinda pintail like grey bills, and the white rear and flank stripes gave them a tiny geese look:
The fulvous color became more pronounced and the wings sealed the deal:
black above and below:
The bad news is they flew deeper into the refuge:

* Charlene's posted directions: 
SEE 2007 Map of Columbia Bottom CA available at the office (even it's
3 FULVOUS WHISTLING DUCKS are being seen in Pool #2 where the road
bends off
toward the west.
- take I-270 north toward IL. Take CBCA exit onto Riverview Road.
- Turn Left and follow signs to CBCA.
- Enter Columbia Bottoms CA (CBCA) from Riverview Road.
- Take gravel road to the right at the "Y"
- go all the way back to where the road straightens out and runs along
flooded corn stubble fields on your left (north) and the tree lined
fields on the right (south)..
- park at the FIRST parking lot (where the "gold truck guy" hangs out
- across from this is where the gated refuge road is where the BN
have been hanging out.  There were at the "first bend in the road".
Bill Rudden
St. Louis
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